Owning and running a restaurant is a real challenge. There’s staff to manage, customers to serve, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line!

You can create an additional source of income at your restaurant with vending machines. 

Vending machines have been around for a very long time! There’s some evidence that the first vending machines may have been invented in Ancient Greece, dispensing water in exchange for a few coins. Over the centuries they’ve evolved, selling things like postcards, cigars, gumballs, and other small items.

In the last few decades vending machines have been more and more focused on kids… dispensing small toys, temporary tattoos, candy, and other fun items.

Nowadays the toys inside are typically small action figures, bouncy balls, and other toys. At just 50¢, these toys are affordable for just about anyone, and the profits can add up quick!

Kids influence their parent’s purchases

Parents spend a lot of money on their kids, and especially on their entertainment. At the end of a meal, or while waiting to be seated, a vending machine is an easy and inexpensive way for parents to treat their kids to something special.

With a vending machine in your restaurant, you could be taking in an additional $1 in revenue every time a family brings their child to eat.

Vending Machines Require Little Space and Maintenance

Especially with smaller profile machines, like the Mootie’s Critters Four-Select, a toy vending machine can take up less than two square feet of floor space at your restaurant, while providing the opportunity for hundreds of dollars in additional revenue.

Despite their small size, bright and colorful vending machines attract kids like nothing else!


Is a Vending Machine Right For Your Business? 

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