I have had a long-time interest in starting my own vending business, but needed to learn from someone who had the expertise in the business. I needed to know expectations, possibilities, and the process. Joseph and his team at Innovative Vending Concepts and Design have been more than gracious with their time and knowledge, and have set my business up on a path toward success. In getting started, I needed a certain degree of “hand-holding” as I got the business off the ground, and their vast experience has helped guide me through any obstacles.

Also, the clientele with their company is a close knit group, keeping in close contact with Joseph and the team to help with feedback, trends, and products and locations that sell the best. As a business owner, you become part of a much larger business family that is constantly interacting in an effort to produce the best results.

Innovative Vending Concepts and Design is a 10-STAR company!