How Much Does a Mootie's Critters Vending Machine Cost?

The Mootie’s Critters Vending Machine costs only $695.00*, and includes an initial fill of toys.

Selling all the toys in the machine means a gross profit of $500, which will help to offset your cost buying a Mootie’s Critters Vending Machine


*Not including shipping and handling charges.

Does a Mootie's Critters Machine Come with Toys?

Yes, when you purchase a vending machine for your business, or a Mootie’s Critters Vending Machine Route, from us, it includes an initial fill of 1,000 toys and capsules.

What kind of business is a Mootie's Vending Machine Right For?

Our machines do great in just about any business where parents bring their kids. Many of our customers are retail store and restaurant owners looking to increase passive income, but the possibilities are endless!

Depending on traffic and clientele, we anticipate our vending machines would also perform well at:

  • Medical Offices like Dentists, Pediatricians, Physical Therapists, Optometrists,
  • Auto Mechanics, Auto Dealerships, Car Washes
  • Kid’s Fun Centers and Activites like Mini Golf Courses, Bowling Alleys, Swimming Pools,
  • Hair Cutting Salons, Nail Salons,


How Much Space Does a Mootie's Critters Vending Machine Take Up?

The Mootie’s Critters Vending Machine takes up very little space, while still providing a wide selection of toys for kids!

The base measures 17″ x 17″, and the entire unit is 53″ tall.

How Often Will I Need To Refill My Mootie's Critters Vending Machine?

It all depends on how well your vending machine performs…

Even the least busy of our existing client’s vending machines should be serviced and refilled at least three times per year. Our busiest customers are getting toy refills MONTHLY.

Either way, the more toys that your vending machine is selling, the more money you’re putting in your pocket.

Can I Buy A Mootie's Critters Vending Machine Route?

Yes! If you run your own vending machine business, it’s easy to add Mootie’s Critters to your route, or create your own route for the four-select machines.