Get Your Own Mootie’s Critters Four-Select Vending Machine!

Our award-winning vending machine is a great choice, whether you’re adding to an existing vending route, just getting started in the vending business, or are a small business owner looking to create a passive revenue stream for your own business. This vending machine takes up less than 2 square feet of floor space, while providing kids with four different types of toys from one machine!

Mooties Critters 4-Select Vending Machines are Perfect for All Kinds of Businesses…

Trampoline Parks
Bowling Alleys
Putt Putt Golf Courses
Ice Rinks
Auto Dealerships
Hair Salons
Ice Cream Parlors
Children’s Dentist
Pediatric Clinics
Children’s Optometrist
Kid’s Sports Equipment Stores
Candy Stores
Children’s Clothing Stores

High Capacity Vending Machine and Coin Box

The Mootie’s Critters Four-Select Vending machine can hold 1,000 1-inch capsules and toys, so you won’t have to worry about refilling your machine every week. The four separate vending heads each have a capacity of 250, so you can offer customers plenty of choices!

The Coin Box for the vending machine can hold up to $250 in quarters, or about half of gross profit from a single fill.

Shatterproof Vending Heads and Heavy Duty Metal Base

Accidents can happen… with the Mootie’s Critters Vending Machine, they don’t have to mean a messy clean-up. The vending heads on a Mootie’s Critters machine are shatterproof – made with heavy duty plastics and not glass. They can withstand falling over without breaking, as well as long-term use without major repairs or replacement.

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